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(714) 551-9304 | Air Conditioning Repair Placentia (714) 551-9304 | Air Conditioning Repair Placentia (714) 551-9304 | Air Conditioning Repair Placentia (714) 551-9304 | Air Conditioning Repair Placentia (714) 551-9304 | Air Conditioning Repair Placentia
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$69 Service Call

$69 Service Call- Waived if we do the work - Print this Coupon ($99 Value)
check60 Minute Service  checkNo One Beats Our Prices
checkLowest Price Guarantee checkLicensed-Insured-Bonded
check Over 23 years Experience checkEmergency 24/7 Service
check100% Satisfaction Guaranteed checkAir Conditioning & Heating, Sales, Service, & Installation
checkSales of New Systems – Troubleshooting Problems
checkWe Repair and Install All Makes & Models

Award Winning Air Conditioning Repair Service in Placentia!

All across Placentia are gorgeous homes and people who take pride in their homes. When you want that home to be comfortable inside, especially when the weather turns uncomfortably hot, then you want your air conditioner to work right. We get that. We know that because we’re Placentia Speedy Air Conditioning Service and we have been providing air conditioning in Placentia for decades now and we know how to fix them and maintain them.

Fast Service!

First off, we’re fast. We can provide you with top quality and reliable air Placentia air conditioning repair in under 60 minutes. That’s the promise we always make to Placentia residents. If you call us, we get there fast and we get there on time.

Call Now: (714) 551-9304

Experienced Air Conditioning Repair Service!

Second, all of our air conditioning contractors Placentia have been in the business for over 30 years. That’s a lot of experience. Our guys have been there from the start, in some cases, and have been providing Placentia air conditioning service back when the HVAC units were small. They have learned and grown as the business and the air conditioning units have grown more complicated. They can even provide Placentia air conditioning assistance on the modern air conditioning units with advanced computerized thermostats and temperature controls.

Complicated Is Not a Problem

Yes, over the years, air conditioners have grown more complicated. That means that we at Placentia Speedy Air Conditioning Service have to stay on top of the training that we provide our air conditioning pros all the time. If you have an old Lennox air conditioner, we can fix it, but if you have a more modern Trane, we can fix that too. If it’s a business we have certain tools and training we need to use, but we can also maintain, upgrade, clean and repair your home’s air conditioning system.

Air Conditioner Cleaning and Maintenance

That’s right, you need the services of a qualified air conditioning specialist on a regular basis for your Placentia home. An air conditioner gets a lot of use during the year and that means regular cleaning and inspections should happen. Those regular maintenance visits can save you big bucks down the road by fixing small problems before they become big problems. Our air conditioner pros can do that for you.

Don’t Wait! Call Now!

Call us now and tell us about the air conditioner you have on your Placentia home. Is it working right? Are you getting the right amount of cool air? If you just need some maintenance or perhaps an air conditioning replacement or upgrade, call us. We’ll give you a free estimate and show you prices you will have to see to believe!

Call Now: (714) 551-9304

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