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Top Notch Heating Repair Service in Placentia!

We here at Placentia Speedy Air Conditioning Service know that you want your Placentia home to be comfortable all year round. It needs to be cool when it gets hot and while it doesn’t get very cold around here, it does get cold enough sometimes that you need to turn on that furnace. What happens if you do that and the furnace doesn’t want to work? That’s when you call the experts.

Years of Customer Service Experience

For years now, the heating repair Placentia experts at Placentia Speedy Air Conditioning Service have been providing homeowners with customer service of high standards matched with low prices. It’s that matching of quality furnace repair and installation with low prices that has made us the number one heater repair service in Placentia.

24-Hour Service

We make sure that we get to your home right on time. No messing around or delays for parts. Our heating repair experts are available 24-hours a day and offer same-day service. Normally that means we get to your home, ready to work, in under 60 minutes. We then talk to you and find out what you need because our heating repair and installation professionals are honest, reliable, friendly and knowledgeable.

Furnace Repair Experts

We make sure that our furnace repair experts are trained and then fully certified on each brand name of furnace and heating system on the market. That way they are capable of providing heating repair service for commercial and residential buildings and are fully capable of doing the repairs right and fast. That way you don’t have to sit in a cold house or office building.

Call Us Now!

Our company is the best when it comes to heating repair service. Call us today and find out how good we are and ask about the free estimates we are offering for Placentia residents. Get the experts on your side and don’t be sitting in the cold. Call today!

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